Are you looking for a maintenance management system which is:

  • Intuitive, easy to understand and user friendly 
  • Highly flexible in reporting
  • Easy to interface with other systems

CURE Maintenance Management System….

         .…designed for maintenance technicians
by maintenance technicians

seo3-57-128 Asset management


  • General asset data
  • Plant Breakdown Structure
  • Asset Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Asset specification data
  • Standard work instructions
  • Work orders history
  • Equipment installation history
  • Asset document references
  • Safety items

planning-08-128 Workflow management


  • Work request registration
  • Work order status management
  • Preparation/planning activities
  • Work scheduling
  • Execution detail registration
  • Work order status history
  • Include ad hoc documents
  • Link to managed documents

schedule_clock-128 PM management


  • PM Plan details
  • Scheduling informaton
  • PM Plan Nesting
  • Instructions
  • Plan asset list
  • PM Plan work order history
  • PM schedule report
  • PM effectiveness reports

seo2-88-3-128 Material management


  • Material details
  • Materials BOM’s
  • Where used information
  • Document links

seo-61-128 Document links


  • Document meta data
  • Multiple content types possible
  • Where used
  • Option to verify document link

seo3-100-128 Activity scheduling


  • Overview of all weekly activities
  • Overview of employee availability
  • Schedule per week per employee
  • Option to shift work to next week



  • Print or export list views
  • Flexibel reporting through user filters or
  • SQL statements
  • Graphical ouput:
    Area, Bar, Column, Line and Pie charts
  • Target line can be added
  • Option to use cumulative data



  • Automatic data import
  • Automatic data export

seo2-36-128 Configuration


  • Language independent:
  • Already available laguage sets:
    Chinese, Dutch, English, German and French
  • Within a language labels can be customized
  • Set menu options per user
  • Work order status management
  • User authorisation through:
    Menus, work order status and organisation

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